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Birthdate:Jul 3
Location:Oklahoma, United States of America
Hello! I'm Bathshua over at Livejournal and thought I'd try this place out. Many thanks to strongmekachan for the invite code! :)

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3:10 to yuma, alexander/hephaestion, alice in wonderland, ancient rome, antony/brutus, aqua teen hunger force, armand, athrun zala, augustus, augustus for president, axis powers hetalia, balthier, being a julio-claudian fangirl, being a yankee, being conquered by grandpa-rome, being shanks' pirate queen, blondie, bruce wayne/tifa lockhart, caligula, caligula's random insanity, captain shanks, castlevania, catullus, charlie prince, chocolate, christian/sean, cid highwind, classical studies, cloud/tifa, crazy roman emperors, crossdressing roman emperors, davy jones' laugh, dionysus/pentheus, dracula, duo/heero, eric bana, fangirling over augustus, final fantasy ix, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, fuel, gamecube, general beatrix, germany/italy, ghost hunting, ghost stories, glomping prince herbert, gorgeous mediterranean men, gundam wing, hbo's rome, history, hookin' up with ovid, i claudius, interview with the vampire, inuyasha/kagome, invader zim, ireland, izlude tingel, james horner, james purefoy, joachim armster, johnny depp, joker/batman, jrr tolkien, kate winslet, koji kondo, larsa ferrinas solidor, led zeppelin, legend of zelda, leon kennedy, lestat de lioncourt, lestat/louis, lewis black, link/malon, lord of the rings, luis sera, making out with catullus, matantei loki ragnarok, mathias/leon, men, mocking suetonius, muraki/tsuzuki, nero, nero's lyre-playing ♪, new orleans, nicholas d. wolfwood, nip/tuck, octavian/agrippa, octavian/agrippa/maecenas, one piece, parapsychology, past lives, philosophy, prince herbert, psychology, ramon salazar, razer, red dead revolver, resident evil, romania, rome, rufus shinra, sad music, saiyuki, sasuke/naruto, sealab 2021, serial killers, shadow of rome, sir robin, slash, smooching with italia veneziano, snow, socrates, south park, spamalot, stalking tiberius on capri, steiner/beatrix, stormchasing, suetonius, the daily show, the dark knight, the hobbit, the joker, the osbournes, the pillows, the three stooges, the vampire chronicles, thunderstorms, tiberius, tobias menzies, toboe, transylvania, trigun, two-face/joker, uchiha sasuke, vampires, venture brothers, victorian era, video games, vin, vorenus/pullo, william birkin, wolf's rain, wolfwood/vash, wolves, world religions, yuki eiri, ♂♂
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