May. 24th, 2009 01:22 pm
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At some point in the near future, I really need to start working on my reading list for grad school. I seem to remember the website saying that our reading list is based upon what our focus is, so that much is great for me. That means less Greek and the less Greek, the better. I'm fairly sure that my list will end up having some Augustus on it and for that reason, I think I shall begin reading his Res Gestae in Latin. Fun times. Especially since it's basically him rattling off a list of reasons for his Awesomeness. This might be interesting in a funny, mocking way or it might be utterly painful. Either way, it's going to get read. Until I land a job, I won't have much else to do around here.

Speaking of jobs, I stopped by Gamestop today and asked if they were hiring. The guys there weren't sure but told me to come by Tuesday afternoon when the manager's there. I really, really hope something works out and soon. Because I really, really need a job.

I also have some tentative plans to revamp my poor, neglected domain. It's been about a year since I gave it a new layout and it desperately needs an update. I just have to find the creative motivation to do it. It's hard when you're sitting around the house not doing much else but playing video games off and on. I also need to revamp my shrines/fanlists, because it's beyond embarrassing now.

Yay for Dreamwidth's cross-posting feature! I think that makes all of this worth it.
penelope: Cloud/Tifa [Final Fantasy VII] (Default)
Yay, first entry! I'll cross-post here. For now, hello!

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